1. Is this Italy or Erin? Free coffee for cyclists at Holtom’s Bakery!
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    BAUM - Road Corretto TI

    There’s no question that they are nice bikes, but I’ve got my eye on another.

    I have feelings for this bike.

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  4. Cor Vos’ photos from Roubaix on Cycling Tips.

  5. Sir Wiggo really impressed today. 

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  6. Becoming a Classics Rider



    In cycling, to a certain extent, anatomy is destiny. There’s really no good way for Andy Schleck to race like Andre Greipel, or vice versa. Sometimes, temperament is destiny, too. Something about the brain chemistry in a baroudeur like Johnny Hoogerland or Juan Antonio Flecha propels them onto suicidal attacks. These are all fixed states of being as a rider: whether it’s February or October, a sprinter is gonna sprint and a rouleur is gonna roll. Being a Classics rider, though, isn’t so much a state of being as a state of becoming. State of being allows for extremes—Hello, Wiggins! Hello, Kittel!—but a state of becoming is something transient looking for homeostasis. An ideal Classics body—a beefy waif—is hence an oxymoron.  

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  8. winter is finally breaking

  9. Tour of Flanders tomorrow and they’re going to need his mercy.

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    Charly Gaul on the stage to Monte Bondone at the 1956 Giro.

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  13. Post-industrial rites of spring bike ride.

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    Floodgate Vineyard, February 2014.

  15. Can’t wait for the start of the cobbled classics.